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Dyslexia Reading
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Dyslexia Reading
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Handwriting in Therapy

As a therapist, you know that the good handwriting skill is one of the crucial foundations of success in school and in life. Those with handwriting difficulties have problems, not because they lack the intelligence to achieve, but because their handwriting problems stand in the way of communicating the knowledge they have.

There are several basic brain processes involved in handwriting. Binocular teaming, or the proper focusing of the eyes, requires integration between the two hemispheres of the brain. Writing neatly on the paper is a fine motor activity which requires good hand eye coordination and good fine motor skill. Most handwriting problems are caused by a sensory integration disorder which inhibits coordination and integration between the many brain structures and systems involved in the writing process. The question for the therapist is simply this: how can I begin to address the brain processing problems that are making it difficult for my client to write neatly and quickly?

Balametrics has developed products and therapies that use balance as the central component to addressing brain-processing disorders. Activities on the Belgau Balance Board can help your client to achieve greater integration between the two hemispheres of the brain. Learning Breakthrough Program activities using the Bean Bags or Pendulum Ball stimulate the eyes’ binocular teaming, and improve hand eye coordination.

The question you have to ask yourself is: Why keep applying band-aids to symptoms when I can start addressing the foundational problems which are keeping my client from academic success?

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