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Brain Injury/Stroke

Research is beginning to indicate that there are links between synaptic activity in the brain and the brainís ability to learn. Studies show that lab animals experience changes in their brains as the result of learning a new skill. This is important for those involved with brain injury rehab because it indicates that activities that stimulate synaptic, or neural, processes are necessary for learning new skills and allowing other parts of the brain to begin to compensate for the injury.

Activities that involve precise balance, precise space-time judgments, and a feedback component are probably the most powerful and effective activities available for improving brain processing efficiency and sensory integration ability. When a person engages in balance activities that require motor skill and sensory integration abilities, the brain utilizes neural networks to organize and execute the activities effectively. As the difficulty of an activity increases the number of neurons the network requires to perform the task increases. As the number of neurons in a network grows, the network becomes more efficient. Consequently, balance activities, which incorporate increasing levels of difficulty on the Belgau Balance Board, have the effect of constantly building and creating more extensive neural networks. Because the neural networks that are affected by balance activities are the same ones that are responsible for the resolution of the brainís visual, auditory, motor, and sensory processes, balance activities that promote motor skill development improve the efficiency of the brain.

The existence of these processes give us the ability to lead normal productive lives. It follows that therapies which increase the resolution and efficiency of these systems can have rehabilitative effect among those with traumatic brain injury or stroke.

Improve Your Therapy Program

Rehabilitation professionals who treat brain injured patients know the important role sensory integration and balance therapies have in improving quality of life. Balametrics has developed a program of therapies designed to improve brain processing function through the integration of motor skill activities and balance.

Balametrics Balance Therapies stimulate the development of neural networks in the brain which...

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