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Dyslexia Reading
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Dyslexia Reading
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Learning Disabilities Therapists

Studies indicate that there are many children who suffer from learning disabilities. Schools and school therapists are constantly dealing with children who suffer from reading problems, ADD/ADHD, auditory processing disorders, dyslexia, motor skill deficiencies, and poor academic performance that has not been diagnosed as a formal disorder. The resources dedicated to these issues in schools in terms of funds, time, and people are immense. Many of the therapy programs designed to deal with these problems only address the symptoms without treating the cause. Medicating children with ADD/ADHD is an excellent example.

Balametrics has been working successfully with children with learning problems for over 25 years. Our programs and therapies are unique in that they do not treat the symptoms of the disorder but address the foundational brain processing issues behind them. What makes our therapies different from other programs is the understanding of the role of balance in brain processing. The vestibular system is the first sensory system to develop and provides a calibration base for the other senses. When a person is involved in sensory integration therapy that incorporates balance, the effect in the neural networks of the brain is profound. As the difficulty of a task increases, the number or neurons in the network must increase. By increasing neural involvement, brain processing efficiency improves.

Many times the child with a learning disability is not the victim of low intelligence but of poor brain processing efficiency. OUr therapies can reorganize the brain and actually improve academic achievement. Balametrics products and therapies are different from other programs because our products do not address the symptoms of the problem, but the foundational brain processing and sensory integration issues that are causing the problem.

Dr. Belgau has developed these products and therapies over many years of working with individuals with many different types of learning problems. His program has found application across many different disciplines because it addresses the foundational brain processes that must be in place for anyone to function properly in society. His vision is to help people reach their highest potential. At Balametrics, our mission is to facilitate that process.

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