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Dyslexia Reading
Handwriting Academics
Dyslexia Reading
Handwriting Academics
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For the last 25 years Balametrics, Inc. has been developing sensory integration products and therapies that have been effectively used by Occupational and Physical Therapists in many different clinical settings. Whether it is brain injury rehab, stroke rehabilitation, sensory integration therapy, or as a means of addressing learning problems including ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing, Reading, Handwriting, or Poor Academic Performance, Balametrics has developed products and therapies that address the foundational brain processing issues and sensory integration dysfunction which must be dealt with in order to achieve lasting results.

The Balametrics program works because it addresses brain processing problems at the source. By engaging in sensory integration therapies that cause the neural networks in the brain to grow and become more efficient, excellent results can be achieved in many different areas. Brain processing efficiency directly impacts sensory integration ability, gross and fine motor skill, spatial awareness, and learning. Balametrics has designed programs and therapies that can be applied by therapists in a variety of different disciplines. Click the links below to find out how you can use Balametrics products and therapies in your practice.

Click here for more information about using Balametrics' products in Rehabilitation Therapy, or here for more information about Therapy for the Learning Disabled.

To learn more about how and why Balametrics’ therapies can improve the basic foundations of the human mind, click here.

To read about others’ success stories with Balametrics’ products, click here.

To order Balametrics products and therapies that will help your child succeed, click here.

For information on how Balametrics can help with specific disorders, click on the links below.

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