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Dyslexia Reading
Handwriting Academics
Dyslexia Reading
Handwriting Academics
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As an educator you have the opportunity to nurture young minds and to experience the joy that comes from seeing your students learn new things. You also share the frustration that some of your students suffer when disorders like ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, and other, undiagnosed problems hold your students back from success in Reading, Handwriting, and other areas of Academic Achievement.

At Balametrics, we understand that frustration. We also understand that a learning disability is often the result of sensory integration dysfunction. We provide solutions to help you help your struggling students to catch up and to forge ahead to new heights of academic success. Our programs improve the basic, foundational brain processes necessary to success in learning, and they address difficulties arising from a number of different disorders which manifest themselves in a variety of ways. These activities are fun and can be integrated easily into the everyday life of your classroom.

Based upon his research in the classroom and in a University setting, Dr. Frank Belgau developed the Learning Breakthrough Program. It is a system of materials and activities which use balance therapy and sensory integration to stimulate the neural networks in the brain. They:

  • Stimulate eye-hand coordination to improve Handwriting.
  • Speed up reaction time to eliminate or minimize the slow reaction time which is a factor in ADD/ADHD and CAPD.
  • Organize brain structures to improve Academic Success.
  • Improve Reading and Spelling.
  • Increase the integration of the two hemispheres of the brain to eliminate the time lags that are characteristic of Dyslexia.

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