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The Learning Breakthrough Kit, available for just $329.95, is the best way to get all of the benefits of the Balametrics program in one easy-to-use package. The kit includes all of the equipment and training exercises you will need to improve brain processing skills necessary for improving performance. Use it to develop and refine visual, auditory, motor, and other neural processes through a variety of time-tested activities.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Belgau Balance Board
  • 1 Target Stand/Target Pins
  • 1 Bean Bags
  • 1 Super Ball Toss Back
  • 1 Pendulum Ball
  • 1 Visual Motor Control Stick
  • 1 Learning Breakthrough Program Activity Handbook
  • 1 Learning Breakthrough Program Test Materials
  • 1 Learning Breakthrough Program Activity DVD
International orders for the Learning Breakthrough Kit only must be
placed through our partners at The Learning Breakthrough Program.


Balametrics offers a wide array of products and therapies which will help people from all walks of life—students, teachers, parents, professionals—to use their brains more efficiently. Our program addresses the roots of brain processing problems, rather than just the symptoms, freeing everyone to achieve lasting success. Our solutions work better, give faster results, and cost less than traditional therapies.

Balametrics' products and therapies are built around the Belgau Balance Board. Two things set the Belgau Balance Board apart from its competitors: adjustable rockers which make it possible to set the difficulty level with precision; and the grid on top, which allows a person to stand precisely centered on the board. Activities on the board improve the integration and timing of both hemispheres of the brain, as well as the integration and resolution of the vestibular, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile senses.

However, what really sets the Belgau Balance Board apart from other balance boards is that it is one part of a comprehensive set of tools and activities that have been proven over more than 30 years of experience to be both effective and fun.

To better serve our customers' diverse needs, we have also created a number of kits smaller or larger than the Learning Breakthrough Kit. These kits are organized for Parents, Educators, Therapists, or Athletes and Coaches. You may order the Balance Board or other accessories alone on our Individual Products page. In addition, we have Handbooks and Literature or Audio/Video Resources that will show you how to use Balametrics' products.



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