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Dyslexia Reading
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Dyslexia Reading
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Learning Breakthrough Activity Handbook

This handbook contains chapters dedicated to each of the different pieces of equipment in the Balametrics program. Each chapter includes more extensive information describing the benefits of each piece of equipment as well as the proper setup and use of each piece. The bulk of each chapter is dedicated to activities for each piece of equipment. It is a very useful tool for allowing you to get the most from your Balametrics products. A therapist's version of this handbook is substituted in all therapists' kits.

Order Direct from Balametrics for just $25.95.

Learning Breakthrough Test Materials

The tests in the booklet demonstrate to you the improvement you are making in your reading performance, visual acuity, peripheral vision, binocular visual functions, and balance as a result of doing the activities on the Belgau Balance Board. A therapist's version of these test materials are substituted in all therapists' kits.

Order Direct from Balametrics for just $14.95.

Perceptual Motor & Visual Perception Handbook of Activities for Schools, Clinics, Parents, and Preschools

This handbook contains a variety of different activities and games that enable the user to improve brain processing and learning ability in several ways. It includes activities involving selected Balametrics program products as well as activities that address brain processing speed and motor skill deficiencies through a series of body movement activities.

Order Direct from Balametrics for just $32.95.

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