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Dyslexia Reading
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How to Use Balametrics' Program

One of the main purposes of this site is to explain why Balametrics products and therapies are so effective. We want you to understand the theories behind our products as well as how our products apply those theories. It is important to us that you understand how our products and therapies can help so we have tried to explain the theories behind them as simply as possible. What you have been reading may be intimidating to you. You may be thinking that improving brain processing problems is beyond your ability, that if the problems are complicated then the solution must be complicated too. At Balametrics we want you to know that these problems are easy to address if you have the right tools.

The most important single factor in success is commitment: the commitment of the individual doing the activities, and the commitment of the parent, teacher, coach, or therapist supervising the activities. Activities should be taken seriously, and directions followed exactly. Activities should remain under control, as little is accomplished by wild or haphazard movements.

Anyone can use Balametrics products and therapies successfully. You donít need special training or a college degree. We provide product set up information as well as specific activities to perform with each piece of equipment. The activities are easy to understand and perform and everything is explained. You can be using your Balametrics products within 15 minutes of receiving them. We are available to answer any question and help in any way possible. We will answer questions and give support free of charge via email or over the phone at (800) 894-3187.

The Typical Balametrics Training Program

As you already know, Balametrics products can be used at home, at school, in clinics, and at the office or gym. There are a few important concepts that must be understood in order for the program to be effective for you.

Frequency of Activities

The frequency and consistency of activities is crucial to maximizing improvement. The more often you perform activities, the faster your brain will begin to process information more efficiently and increase performance. To get the most out of the products, we recommend that you use them everyday. However, we realize that this may not always be practical. For example it would be almost impossible for a teacher to plan time for each student to use the products daily. Some people have improved using the program as little as 1 hour per week. It is better to use the program for shorter periods of time more often as opposed to a longer period of time less frequently. Choose a schedule that works for you and work to maintain it.

Suggested training schedules

Length of Program

The longer you use Balametrics products and therapies the more efficient your brain processing and performance will be. Our experience indicates that people can start to experience permanent improvement in as little as 12 weeks of daily use. Many people use them for 3-6 months and are happy with the improvement they have achieved. Many others use them on a continuing basis in order to keep their brain processing capability at its maximum.

Variation of Activities

Include as much variety as possible into your training routine. Use each of the different pieces of equipment you have. Donít feel as if you have to use each piece each day. If you are only doing 15 minutes of activities a day then it would be impossible to use each piece effectively in that amount of time. Feel free to use different pieces on different days. This will add variety to the program and keep the training from becoming a chore.

Balance Difficulty

The Belgau Balance Board is designed to allow you to increase or decrease the difficulty of the board to constantly improve brain processing. If the activities become too easy at one balance level, then rotate the rockers and increase the difficulty. As you do this you will be forcing the neural networks in your brain to continue to grow. The ability to constantly challenge and improve the sensory integration abilities of the brain makes the Balametrics program more effective.

Maintaining Control

This is very important and cannot be overlooked. Use the setup information provided to make sure you are using the equipment properly. Make sure you position the feet on the Belgau Balance Board correctly. When you do the activities make sure you can do them in a controlled manner. The ideal balance difficulty level is one where it is not too easy to balance, but not so hard to balance that you canít concentrate on the activities. Make sure you are in control of your body. Lack of body control is your brainís way of telling you that it canít keep up and is suppressing information that it cannot process. Work up to the more difficult activities and balance levels gradually*.

*If you are an athlete your sense of balance and your ability to control your body is probably very good. In order to get the most out of the activities you may need to set the difficulty level of the Belgau Balance Board to a higher level in order to stimulate the neural networks in your brain to grow. Donít set the difficulty level too high. If you are having trouble controlling your movements, choose a lower balance level.

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